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About Mapleside

Who We Are

Mapleside is a family-owned sugar bush operation in the heart of the Ottawa Valley near Pembroke, Ontario, run by Carol Anne and Ray Bonenberg.

At Mapleside, we use a combination of traditional methods and the newest technology to ensure the highest quality and purity in our maple products.

The Taste of Nature

For many people, the words “maple syrup” and “maple sugar” kindle fond memories of quieter, simpler times when old fashioned values prevailed. In the early days, making quality maple syrup using traditional methods and simple tools, involved a great deal of hard work. At Mapleside, we’ve tried to build on those traditional values.

The Mapleside Shanty

Our old-style shanty takes you back to those quieter, simpler times. We still use a wood-fired evaporator to make our premium quality Canadian maple syrup.

Come visit our sugar bush and learn how Ontario’s first agricultural crop is harvested and processed. Take a walk in the maples and see the maple shanty where the syrup is made every spring.

We’re certified by the Forest Stewardship Council: